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"Industrial waste which is piled haphazardly in industrialized areas, unintentionally creates structural shapes within that space, are often reminiscent of sculptural objects.

The act of photography empowers the presence of these objects, so that despite the fact that they have been placed randomly − which is by and large through negligence and lacking any awareness of artistic values – they create a paradoxically aesthetic arrangement within the unaesthetic.

The awareness of the aesthetic possibility generates the connections which then bring to mind situations of disintegration, collapse and loss; these may be interpreted as allusions to the imminence of an apocalyptic disaster, and even cause these sculptural objects to be perceived as monuments.

Simultaneously, wandering around the industrial zones reveals – within the disorder and the haphazardness –  laws from the field of physics, which are known as an entropy.

"Entropy" is a term that characterizes the degree of disorder in a physical system. Science concludes that the entropy of the universe is constantly growing – in other words, the “disorder” in the universe is continually on the increase.

From this viewpoint, observation of the industrial space enables one to perceive it as being a dynamic system in which the ever-growing disorder constitutes the potential for creating new life inside the industrial areas."

Exposure - Ha'aretz newspaper

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